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What in the world is WordPress

Word Press is an open source Content Management System for web sites, as well as an organisation of volunteers that produces the program.

The WordPress organisation also offers free hosting for basic WordPress sites. Hosting the site on another external server allows web publishers to take advantage of the full power and flexibility of WordPress.

WordPress started as a simpler blog platform, but has grown into a popular Open Source  flexible platform for hosting blogs, or it can now function as a Content Management System (CMS) with one to many users involved in its operation.

There is a vast array  of free WordPress web site designs, or themes. and there are also commercial custom designs. It is possible with a knowledge of HTML and CSS techniques to create your own WordPress theme. The overarching thrust of Philip Northeast’s Web Tips  is starting with a simple HTML web design and turning it into a WordPress theme design.

Even though WordPress is based on the PHP programming language  running on a web host’s  server, there is no direct PHP programming required in creating a WordPress theme.

The WordPress content interface is like a simple word processor

The WordPress content interface is like a simple word processor

WordPress offers an array of commands for theme designers to use to present the web site content to the readers.   WordPress  uses  commands in the form of PHP functions to insert the content into the HTML page structure. This is another example of the move to separate the various functional areas of a web page in the development and maintenance stages.

It may seem strange but the first step in creating a good WordPress theme is creating a prototype using only HTML and CSS. The focus in this initial stage is the page structure and the appearance.