Philip Northeast's Web Design Tips

Responsive Web Design

The new buzz in the web world is  Responsive  Design.   The popularity and increasing power of mobile devices  results in  more people using them to access web pages.

Google is encouraging web masters to make their sites  easy to view on  smaller platforms.  Also many  visitors from around the world use their mobile devices to view my sites, so it was an obvious thing to do.  I am one of the people who use their  smart phones  to  read web pages. So embracing Responsive Web Design is a natural progression.  This also reflects my own frustrations with sites that do not fit a mobile screen, and consequently require sideways scrolling and zooming to read the articles.   (more…)

Philip Northeast’s Web Design Tips

The web is a fast moving place, riding on a raft of evolving technologies. Web developers who stand still soon get left behind.

This site is a collection of web design tips from my journey as a web developer and publisher.
One of the major developments in web site design has been the separation of HTML page structure from its appearance with the introduction of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

WordPress takes this trend a step further making content management a breeze by separating it from the HTML page code. This allows designers the freedom to create their own designs around the content management facilities offered by WordPress.

WordPress uses a fusion of PHP functions embedded in standard HTML code to create an HTML page for web browsers. The PHP functions manage user content in the HTML framework, with the appearance controlled by CSS.
Don’t panic, WordPress provides the PHP functions and designers include them.

There are many off the shelf designs, called themes, available for WordPress and it is possible to achieve an individual look rather than settle for bland sameness. Many theme developers include options for users to but these add complexity to the theme and adds a learning curve for users.

Some people find it is simpler to design their own theme – if you are one of those people then this is the place for you.